Qualified systems are installed by Golden Gate Power.

How It Works

GoSolarSF is a City program helping residents and businesses install thousands of kilowatts of solar energy on residential, business and nonprofit rooftops across San Francisco, reducing participants’ electricity bills and shrinking the City’s carbon footprint.

Golden Gate Power is a Certified City Installer that will assist you on all levels of qualifying for the city incentives and install your system.

Golden Gate Power is a certified installer in the San Francisco Go Solar Program. This site is operated by Golden Gate Power.

See what you qualify for

Sample 3000 watt solar system:

Estimated cost:                                       $13,500

Cash Incentives*:                                     -  8,250

Federal tax credit:                                    -  4,050

Golden Gate Power Rebate*:                  -    700

Net cost to you:                $ 500.00

*City incentives include Environmental Justice, City Installer and eligible income add on's. To qualify for some incentives you must live in selected neighborhoods and meet income eligibility requirements. Golden Gate Power rebate must be applied for at time of application.

Depending on your system size and other city requirements, you might be able to get a fully installed solar system totally free!

In addition to the federal tax credit of 30% of the system cost, San Francisco homeowners and businesses can claim up $10,500 in city solar rebates. Business customers can claim up to $10,000 in rebates.

​San Francisco home owners can claim tax credits and cash rebates which may fully pay for a completely installed solar power system. 

Eliminate your electric bills and save thousands over the life of your home. A solar power system will also increase the value of your home.

Special rebates plus credits can mean Free Electricity for some San Francisco homeowners